Episode #3: Chiari Malformation

Host Carion Fenn speaks with Chiropractor Dr. Fabio Di Stefano and Jodi about chiropractic Care. <click here> to watch this episode today. 

Episode #2: Lung Cancer

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Episode 14:

Recreating your journey around health

Guest #1: Donna Mullings, Town of Ajax Resident, 

Guest #2: Esther Enyolu, Executive Director – WMRCC of Durham

Host Carion Fenn talk with Beverly Holtzman, a patient diagnosed with Lymphangioleimyomatosis aka Lam and Celina Caesar - Chavanness, Whitby MP about Rare Disease and the impact on surgery as well as her Petition to have The Government of Canada Recognize Rare Disease Day, this Petition is sponsored by MP Caesar - Chavannes. Sign the Rare Disease Day Petition <click here> 

In this episode, host Carion Fenn speaks with stroke survivor Ken McCaw and Amy Maebrae-Waller, District Stroke Co-ordinator at Lakeridge Health.

Episode #4: Diabetes 

Episode #1: Stroke

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Carion Fenn is the President and CEO of the Carion Fenn Foundation; Host of Health 180 with Carion Fenn on Rogers TV Durham; a Town of Ajax Mayoral Candidate and an Award-Winning inclusiveness, accessibility and healthcare advocate. Carion is a Member of Lakeridge Health Board of Trustees, Board Quality Committee and Co-Chair Ajax Pickering Hospital Community Panel. She is an Accessibility Advisor to Town of Ajax Council and Vice Chair on the Accessibility Advisory Committee.

Carion is an Interior Decorator and Designer whose work has been featured in numerous international home and garden shows, in magazines and on television, including City TV's Breakfast Television and the CHCH TV Morning Show. She is honoured to be selected as one of the 100 Accomplished Black Canadian Women by the Honourable Jean Augustine and her Co-Authours. 

​​​​Topic: Chiari Malformation

Patient: Janet Hussey & Ashleigh Becklin

Expert: Carion Fenn Foundation

Carion Fenn 

Host & Community Producer

​​​​Topic: Stroke 

Patient: Ken McCaw, Stroke survivor
Expert: Lakeridge Health

Amy Maebrae-Waller 

District Stroke Coordinator ​​

In this episode, host Carion Fenn speaks with patients Janet Hussey and Ashleigh Becklin about living with Chiari Malformation. They discuss the struggles of being apart of the community with this diagnosis and navigating the healthcare system. 

Episode 8: After Breast Cancer 

Interview #1: Olga Lambert

Interview #2: Alicia Vianga, Founder

After Breast Cancer

Episode 9: Epilepsy 

Interview #1: Aydin Leamen & Melike

Ceylan- Leamen

Interview #2: Dr. Evan Lewis, Neurologist

Neurology Centre of Toronto

Host Carion Fenn speaks with members from Lakeridge Health & Oshawa Senior Citizens Centre about Seniors Health.

Rogers TV Durham

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Debra Hutchinson 

Episode 11: Health Benefits of Volunteering

Interview #1: Bill Higgins, Lakeridge Health Volunteer

Interview #2: Helena Finn - Vickers, Manager of Volunteer Resources, Lakeridge Health

In this episode host Carion Fenn examines life after a diagnosis of breast cancer. In this episode host Carion Fenn examines life after a diagnosis of breast cancer.

Host Carion Fenn Talks about Invisible Disability and examines what a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia means for the patient, Debra Tiwari. Certified Acupunturist, Dr. Di Stefano gives his expert advice.

Episode 10: Invisible Disabilities, Fibromyalgia

Interview #1: Debra Tiwari, Patient living with Fibromyalgia

Interview #2: Dr. Fabio Di Stefano,

Certified Acupuncturist (Promedx Innovations Inc.) 

Episode #5: Chiropractic Care 

​Approximately 40,000 people in Durham Region lives with diabetes. Every three minutes, another Canadian is diagnosed. This might be you or someone you know. Host Carion Fenn speak with Dick Weatherall and Jennifer Lane, Dietitian and Diabetes Educator at Lakeridge Health.

Dr. John Dickie is the Chief of Surgery and Section Chief of Thoracic Surgery (lung cancer). He went to medical school at Queen's University and did his surgical training at the University of Toronto. He has worked in hospitals in Peterborough and Toronto and sits on various Cancer Care Ontario and Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons working groups and committees to improve quality locally, provincially and nationally.

In this episode host Carion Fenn speaks with lung cancer survivor Ben Longley and Dr. John Dickie, Chief of Surgery and Section Chief of Thoracic Surgery, Lung Cancer at Lakeridge Health.​

Episode 12: Parkinson's Disease 

Guest #1: Dr. Soania Mathur, Designing A Cure Inc. 

Guest #2: Dr. Arun Mathur, Lakeridge Health

Host Carion Fenn talk with Dr. Soania Mathur, a family doctor Living Well With Parkinson's Disease and her husband Dr. Arun Mathur, Urologist at Lakeridge Health.  

Episode 13:

The impact of surgery with a Rare Disease 

Guest #1: Beverly Holtzman, Lymphangioleiomyomatosis Patient who had Double Lung Transplant surgery 

Guest #2: Celina Caesar - Chavannes, Whitby MP

​​​Episode #6: Seniors Health

Guest #1: Lakeridge Health

Janice Jones, Nurse Practitioner

Guest #2: Oshawa Senior Citizens Centre

Teresa Shearer, Independent Living Service Manager

Host Carion Fenn talk with Donna Mullings and Ester Enyolu about recreating your journey around health. Donna lives with a spinal cord injury and Esther operate an organization for women who are abused. 

Host Carion Fenn Talks about Health Benefits of Volunteering with Bill Higgins a volunteer at Lakeridge Health and Helena Finn - Vickers, Manager of Volunteer Resources, Lakeridge Health

​​​​Topic: Lung Cancer 

Patient: Ben Longley

Expert: Lakeridge Health

Dr. John Dickie

Chief of Surgery and Section Chief

of Thoracic Surgery Lung Cancer

Prader- Willi now airing​​ 

Topic: Diabetes 
Patient: Dick Weatherall
Expert: Jennifer Lane, Dietitian and Diabetes Educator, Lakeridge Health

Host Carion Fenn examines what a diagnosis of epilepsy means for the patient (Aydin, youth) and their family (Melike, mom). Neurologist, Dr. Lewis gives his expert advice. 

​​Topic: Chiropractic Care 
Patient: Jodi Paul
Expert: Dr. Fabio Di Stefano, Chiropractor, Promedx Innovations Inc.

Episode #7: Reiki 

Guest #1: Karen Sparks

Guest #2: Ashleigh Brackin
Connections Healing Reiki

Host Carion Fenn speaks with Karen Sparks and Ashleigh Brackin about Reiki Healing. Reiki is a unique technique for stress and relaxation that alleviates illness symptoms and help promote the healing process. 

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