​Carion Fenn is an award winning advocate. She is the recipient of the Ontario Volunteer Service Award 10 Years, Spinal Cord Injury Ontario (SCI-ON) and University Health Network (UHN) Patti Dawson Award, Town of Ajax - Ajax Adult Civic Award (the highest honour of the town), Advocacy Award from Abilities Award, and the Accessibility Community Awards from the Town of Ajax. She is currently serving her second term on the Town of Ajax Accessibility Advisory Committee as well as being a member of the Canada 150 Planning Committee representing Salem Heights and Downtown Ajax and is also a member of the Town of Ajax Lakeview BLVD EA working group.  

Carion is passionate and dedicated in helping to make the Town of Ajax, and all communities, an inclusive and diverse community for all.  She strongly believes in Service before Self, which is why she became a Rotarian. She takes great pride in serving two terms as an Accessibility Ambassador for the Town of Ajax, helping to advise the Ajax council on how to make the town more accessible for all. As a patient advocate and Founding President for the Carion Fenn Foundation as well as the Carion Fenn Network, she takes immense pride in helping to bridge the gap for Persons who are affected by Syringomyelia, Chiari Malformation and All Rare Diseases. She is a firm believer that Together We Are Stronger® when we work together for the good of all communities.  

Carion's portfolio includes: Home Show Coordinator for the Walls Windows Furnishing Association, Program Director and Show Committee Chair for "The Canadian Decorators Association", Designer for feature spaces in major home shows, and Feature Designer for 'Divine Restoration', as seen on Sun TV Vision TV.  

Carion has earned considerable recognition with media appearances on CITY TV, CHTV, TV ONE, ROGERS 10, CFRB1010 and FLOW 93.5 FM. Carion has also appeared as a feature designer in magazines which includes New Dream Homes and Condominiums, Loulou, Sway, Amoi and more. Her work appeared in ads for Adicolor in Home and Decor Magazines. 

Carion quickly established her reputation as a passionate leader, design writer, and media personality. Over the years she has demonstrated her versatility and problem solving skills with work that ranges from intimate, contemporary residential spaces, to meticulously designed exhibit spaces, impressing thousands of viewers at design shows. Having designed model spaces and being a keynote speaker for The International Home Show, International Home and Garden Show, The Metro Home Show and more, Carion has a long history of being featured in major home shows. As a feature designer at several home shows, she has designed feature spaces sponsored by the likes of Chatelaine and Home Decor magazines. Mike Holmes, of HGTV's 'Holmes on Homes', in his seminar at the Decor Magazine space, noted how impressed he was with the design of her space. That's no easy feat! 

Carion is recognized for her innovative approach to design, giving interior spaces that Designer's Touch, as well as her Community Service work. She's also well known across Canada as an Inclusiveness and Accessibility Advocate. 

Carion Fenn is the Founder and President of the Carion Fenn Foundation and Network. She's also the architect behind The Mental Health Forum and Rare Disease Support Group Meetings, in partnership with the Ajax Public Library and the First Annual Rare Disease Expo, supported by the Town of Ajax, Impact Fund. The City of Pickering's Honorable Mayor, Dave Ryan presented the Carion Fenn Award for Bravery and Courage at the First Annual Rare Disease Expo, which was held at the Ajax Community Centre. ​The Carion Fenn Foundation educates the public, providing support and helping to find solutions for so many who otherwise would be suffering in silence with no place to turn for help and support. 
Carion is known for her heartfelt compassion, generosity and dedication to increasing awareness of Syringomyelia, Chiari Malformation and Rare Diseases, through the creation of a unique virtual community support 'Carion Fenn Network', monthly support group meetings, the Rare Disease Expo and the Mental Health Forum and, through local events, flag raisings with over 30 Government Proclamations in Canada.  She has a history of working with Mayors, MPs, MPP's, Charities, Non-Profit organizations, businesses, community members and patients, in helping to build a better community for all. 

In 2016 Carion hosted MPP Michael Harris first stop on his tour across Ontario where he spoke to and listened to patients with Rare Diseases as a part of his #treatraredisease campaign followed by his petition at Queens Park for the Ontario Government to start an all party Rare Disease Committee. After this, Carion did a video for the foundation with patients, MPP Michael Harris, City of Pickering Mayor Dave Ryan, Town of Ajax Mayor Steve Parish and Counsellor Frank Kennedy.  

​​With her founding of the Carion Fenn Foundation and the Carion Fenn Network, she has helped to bridge the gap for those suffering with Rare Diseases and Disorders. Newly Diagnosed patients, their families and friends are helped to understand the life of those that are suffering, engaged communities and help build an inclusive community for all. 

​Through her dedication and hard work, Carion has received several congratulation certificates from The Honorable Chris Alexander, MP on behalf of the Government of Canada, and the citizens of Ajax/Pickering. MPP Joe Dickson, Member of the Provincial Parliament for Ajax/Pickering, thanked her for her hard work and dedication, not only for the community but for people around the world. MPP Joe Dickson also presented Carion with a congratulations certificate for launching the First Annual Rare Disease Expo, which was followed by an invitation to visit Queen's Park to thank her once again for her hard work with the Rare Disease Community. Carion's biography was read at Queen's Park, recognizing her dedication to communities. 

​Carion is a strong believer in sharing the wisdom and experience that she has gained over the years with her peers to strengthen the community as a whole. She takes great pride in sharing her creative spirit and hard work with design and business professionals. She also taken on co-operation education students throughout her career. Carion's mentoring and community involvement also extends to the younger members of society. She has volunteered her time with Big Brother Big Sisters of Canada. Carion also mentors and trains youths through the Carion Fenn Foundation. 

Carion has been interviewed on Rogers TV- Peel, A Voice For All with host Jahmeelah Gamble, discussing the issues faced in living with Syringomyelia and Chiari Malformation. An article was done by Keith Gilligan in News Advertiser Newspapers. Carion appeared on Rogers TV "Talk Durham" with Debra Hutchinson as well as Rogers TV "Daytime". Debra spoke to Carion, members of Carion's Social Network, and callers which included Jamie McDonald, about the issues those living with Syringomyelia and Chiari Malformation face every day. Snapd Ajax has been great help in covering the events and activities of the Carion Fenn Foundation. An article was published in Snapd Clarington, thanks to Publishing Editor Deb Simic, as well as in Snapd Ajax. 

Carion was honoured to be invited to have a table set up for The Carion Fenn Foundation at The Town of Ajax Accesibility Advisory Committee's Annual National Access Awareness Week night, CARP's Healthy Lifestyle, Ajax Pickering Rotary Club's Ribfest, Town of Ajax Senior's BBQ, and the Town of Ajax's Wellness Fair. All of Carion's accomplishments were wonderful and exciting but, she is far from done. Through helping to build communities, Carion knows that 'Together We Are Stronger®". 

Presently, Carion Fenn serves as a voice for communities, a voice that echoes your concerns, a voice that matters, a voice that cares, a voice that helps build communities and a voice that lives, understands and will work hard for you in building an inclusive community for all.



Carion Fenn Biography

Ontario Volunteer Service ~ Ajax Adult Civic ~ Ajax Community Accessibility ~ SCI ON & UHN Patty Dawson & Advocacy Award Recipient.

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